Putrid Pile – Blood Fetish

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Ascending from the bowels of Hell like Satan himself ravenous for the souls of all humanity comes Putrid Pile!! With his fourth full length album and senior release entitled “BLOOD FETISH”. This Sevared Records release will be sure to pummel your senses and leave you begging for more! A must have for every fan of extreme Death Metal! From technical, to old-school riffing and everything in between, blast beats, D-beats, guitar solos, gravity blasts, ultra low main vocals, demon screech high vocals, and Putrid Pile’s signature double bass “punch your mother in the face” slam riffs, this release is sure to be among the best releases of 2012. There’s a little something in this release for everyone! “BLOOD FETISH” is by far the best and most well thought out material the band has ever released to thus far. With superior production from Mercenary Digital Studios and skull crushing musicianship, people will be talking about this release for years to come. Guaranteed!!! Some of the song titles include, “Bowel Batter”, “Operation Splatterhouse”, “Necroneat-o”, and the title track “Blood Fetish”. This fourth installment from Putrid Pile is not for the faint of heart by any means. Featuring amazing artwork by none other than the master Tony Koehl and layout by Wim De Vries and Sevared Graphics. Unrelenting, Slamming, Intense, and the definition of Brutal, this CD will have the oldest of Putrid Pile fans as well as many new ones circle-pitting where they stand! “Blood Fetish” is a MUST HAVE!!

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