Psychotic Gardening – Hurdur

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Members from Immortal Possession/ Votov

Psychotic Gardening are doom and death metal. The doom comes from the creepy guitar and brooding sounds emitted by it; the death metal part is prevalent throughout the disc with plenty of growling and guttural vocals. The music is downright heavy and even though I’m not a fan of death metal I actually dig this band. They’ve got a great guitar sound and, when they combine doom and death … well, let’s just say I’m digging their gig.

These doomsters have another disc “Humanitorium” (2011). Both of those discs have plenty of doom metal, death metal and black metal to fuel up any fan’s tank. Since these guys are from Winnipeg, Manitoba they have a different sound. I know that doom and death metal have a formula and a distinct sound but Psychotic Gardening have something extra. They don’t just churn out a beastly track, they craft a metal laden monster with soul.

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