Polterchrist – Badge of the Assassin

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Polterchrist hail from the Philly suburbs. They play an aggressive form of blackened death metal. Formed in 1994. The band has 3 releases. The last of which; Engulfed by the Swarm, was released on Season of Mist Records in 2004. In 2009 the band has since gotten things back in gear; playing live constantly and getting to record ‘Swarm’s” follow up entitled Bow to None. The album has a tentative Spring 2012 release date.
The Bow to None EP was scratched due to poor production in summer 2012.
With a brand new line up in place; Polterchrist will exceed all expectations.

With the additions of Joe Gordon (Mortal Decay) and Chris Lytle (Insatanity), Polterchrist have taken on a new form. The songs are more streamlined and to the point. Gone are the 6, 7, 8 minute opuses.
The band have drifted slightly towards a more Black Metal sound. Instead of ‘blackened death metal’, it is more of a ‘deathy black metal’ now-a-days.

UPDATE: June 2014 – Chris Lytle moves to Florida, parts ways with Polter. Which leads us to bring in new bassist Dan Keaton.

UPDATE: Feb 2016. Joe Gordon exits and Ed Drozdowsky returns. All tracking for 2016 full length, entitled Badge of the Assassin, has been completed.

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