Perverted Dexterity – Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening – is the sophomore album of Indonesian Brutal Death Metal act, Perverted Dexterity. Contains 9 unrelenting chaotic blasphemy featuring 4 monstrous guest appearances from; Paolo Chiti (Devangelic, Ex. Putridity), Julian Fadhil (Apoptosis Gutrectomy, Psychophagia), Deddy Permadi (Interfectorment, Cadavoracity, Ex. Asphyxiate), and Surachet Suntharasri (Imbrued Blemishment). Also bringing back the collaboration of Rio Oscaryzm and Timbul Cahyono on the cover art to represent the continuation of the 2014’s debut – Primitive Scene of Inhumanity. SICK SHIT!!

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