Pereplut – At the Ancient Times

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Russian Folk Metal

1. Внимая Дыханию Старого Леса/Listening to the breath of Old Forest…
2. Русалья/The Mermaid’s 3:32
3. Тропою Волколака/By The Werewolf’s Pass 8:30
4. Флейта Троллей/Troll’s Flute 13:14
5. Ведьмачья Вечеря/The Witcher’s Supper 16:12
6. Как На Нашей Пивоварне/Once at our Brewery 20:58
7. Дары Лесного Дяди/Gifts of the Forest Spirit 24:56
8. 10 Кубков/Ten Goblet 30:05
9. Змиевы Валы/The Snake’s Mound 34:11
10. По Мхам Крадущийся Незримо/Invisibly sneaking on moss… 39:24

Recorded at Buzzillio Prod Studio
Preproduction by Anton Schik at Juiced Alien Studio
Mixed and mastered by Sergey Lazar at CDM RECORDS
Art by Anton Matev

Eugen Spiritual – guitar, octave mandoline, lute
Old Zwonar – vocals, vargan
Vasilij Faun – block-flute, whistles
Elena Cantilena – block-flute, whistles, hurdu-gurdy, harp, back-vocals
Wiaczeslaw Barbarossa – bass
Catherine the Great – violin
Ivan the Terrible – drums
Eugen Buzzillio – cello.

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