Pentacrostic – The Pain Tears (Cassette)

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A bit of a departure from the usual nature of our releases, we are revisiting an unheralded gem from the early 90s in the uber-cult PENTACROSTIC from Brazil. “The Pain Tears”, their debut album from 1992 will be released on tape for the first time. Dark, brooding, doomy Death Metal with total evil and archaic atmosphere that evokes a rather unique vibe – that magical “transitional” late 80s/very early 90s period where the distinction was still very fuzzy between Old Death Metal and the embryonic phase in the 2nd wave of Black Metal.

Tape 1 is “The Pain Tears”, their debut album from 1992 officially on tape for the first time. Layout is based closely on the 1st CD pressing from Molten Metal, and it comes with an extra track – Vulcano cover song “Fallen Angel”. Coming in as a bonus are liner notes from Gabriel Gatica Kretschmer “The Exhumator” from the mighty Compilation Of Death zine on his thoughts of this cult pioneering Brazilian Doom/Death band.

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