Pandemonium – Bones Will Rise From The Ground Live

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This time Pandemonium decided to bury old junk and release “Bones Will Rise From The Ground” in fact is dead bones arising from ground. As a first one on compilation goes a new song “In Lord We Trust” . Another is newly remixed and remastered songs from “Misanthropy” . Band also attempted to record unparalleled Bathory cover. This is the second cover inspired by ancient times officially recorded since the days of Samael “Into The Pentagram”. The song “Equimanthorn” is a kind of tribute to Quorthon . The last studio find is a “Hellspawn” remix starring with Mariusz Konieczny and Marcin Garyga from Hellspawn horde. Finally, concert form Lodz “Locomotive” club in 2005 found while searching variety of materials. Set with Simon on drums in bootlegs quality but great shows stuffy climate recordings from the past . More than an hour of music for Pandemonium fans.

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