Pagan Altar – The Story of Pagan Altar (Cassette)

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second pressing of Pagan Altar’s The Story of Pagan Altar on cassette! The Story of Pagan Altar is that of a once unknown proto-doom band formed in the late ‘70s who are now considered legendary. For the first time, the band’s previously unheard recordings are now available on this comprehensive, historic compilation. Within are rare rehearsals, demos and singles from 1976 onwards, in all their raw, unfettered glory. Layout by Annick and intro by Sarah Kitteringham (Smoulder).

For the uninitiated, Pagan Altar is a classic doom metal band that started in the 1970s, were a part of the famous NWOBHM movement, and have been beguiling fans for many years with their glorious occult take on the genre. From their own bandcamp page, “Pagan Altar are one of the originators of doomy NWOBHM, mixing their ’70s influences into occult-tinged heavy metal.”

For fans of Witchfinder General, Black Sabbath, Cirith Ungol, Trouble.

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