Opium – Necrology Disorder

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Indonesian – Bandung Brutal Death Metal with Traditional Element..
Good sound.. good Artwork

Chandra – Bass
Toni – Guitars
Fajar – Vokals
Arief – Drums

Executive Producer by ESP & Opium
Recorded at Funhouse Studio Bandung
Mixed at Dialog Studio Bandung
Mastered by Dadi Beer
Engineered by Dimas ‘Demons Damn’
Logo by Boby ‘Bleeding Corpse’
Cover Artwork by Tata Wijana & Miky Artwork
Layout cover by Gugum ‘Lumpur’
All Music and Lyric by Opium
Except by ‘Kasisit Sabit Kalengkah Panca Ucap’ by Man Jasad
Except by ‘Bingkai Mayat Membusuk’ by Boby ‘Bleeding Corpse’
Except Karinding,Kendang by Man Jasad, Abaz, Kimo Depravity Savage

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