Ohio Slam Boys – You Won’t Last Long in Ohio

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Does brutal death and slamming riffs covered in blastbeats and topped with monster vocals sounds like a good recipe for you? Then you have to taste “You won’t last long in Ohio” as soon as possible!
Through this 6 tracks album, the two guys of Ohio Slamboys just wanted to deliver you a simple, straight and brutal music which is going to slam your head and make you do the hammer dance! The theme of the album is pretty easy to get through its artwork, zombie apocalypse in the state of Ohio!

Highly recommended for lovers of bree bree, suee suee, ron ron, drums part sounding like some fat machine gun, ultra guttural voices, redneck riff style!

Soils of Fate, Visceral Disgorge, Dying Fetus fans, come on !

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