Oceano – Depths

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Chicago Illinois’ Oceano are the embodiment of all that is exciting and dangerous about extreme music. Just when you thought that the genre could not be taken any further and that we had reached the limits of extremity, out from the abyss rises a band so intense, so mind cavingly brutal that you just have to take notice and listen.

Oceano mix the intensity of Grindcore and death metal with an an unnerving sense of dynamics; seamlessly taking fast paced blast beats down to a sub sonic gut wrenching chug. A guitar tone so thick it could sink a battle ship and vocals so barbaric that its hard to believe that the person they were spewed from is even human. Put simply.. “DEPTHS” IS THE HEAVIEST, MOST BRUTAL DEATHCORE ALBUM EVER RELEASED!

So be sure to place this album into a technically safe and tested sound system with a full warranty in place, as Earache will not be responsible for damages.

N.B. For the most devastating results play ‘Depths’ on a proper sound system with decent speakers. The Bass end will seriously shock you. Full effect not captured on an ipod.

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