Nimphaion – Quote the Raven

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“Quoth the Raven” – the third album by NIMPhaION, a Poe-tic black metal band from Shuya, Russia. Veiled with cobweb of true gothic atmosphere of the 19th century, the music of the band was composed to the original poems of the great American poet Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) – an outstanding representative of decadent romanticism in literature. “Quoth the Raven” perfectly conveys the atmosphere of darkness, despair, lost love and the beauty of desolation, thus becoming a pure requiem for the poet. The band is scrupulous about deep spiritual ideas of Poe when it comes to both composing and vocals. This musical canvas will hit the taste of the fans of beautiful melodic and symphonic black metal as well as the lovers of dark poetry.

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