Necromorph – Under the Flag

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The Blastdivision NECRO is ready for the next assault! This is Grindcore cult from Berlin since 1995, without any convoluted bullshit.

NECROMORPH’s 2nd attack “Under The Flag” finally brings 15 brand new hard-crushing & fast grooving traxxx, which will be a great pleasure for fans of ROTTEN SOUND, GENERAL SURGERY, NASUM & REGURGITATE!

30 minutes combines a lot of drive at maximum speed with extremely groovy riffing to produce an energetic mixture of all styles of hard music. Influences of old school Swedish death metal & grindcore bands as well as styles of more progressive bands are brought together in intelligent song structures that always stay direct.

Comes with striking posterbooklet! Stay tuned for more madness!!!

1. 1f2 noise (brown noise) 01:25
2. Excrements of the Sun 02:12
3. ToxicEnviroment 01:37
4. Mass crime 01:24
5. VEI 8 02:00
6. End in Vomit 01:03
7. Vorkuta 01:53
8. Civilization autism 00:54
9. Hermit Land 01:47
10. Handle the Flag 02:15
11. Nogeun-ri 02:19
12. Freedom Destroyer 02:26
13. Decomposition Measure 03:37
14. Perfect Day in a Perfect World 02:33
15. Cold Dead Hands 02: 18

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