Nasty Surgeons – A Night in the Morgue (Cassette)

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Nasty Surgeons is a grindcore death metal band from Spain in the vein of Carcass but it should also please fans of Necrony, Exhumed and General Surgery. A Night In The Morgue is the bands third offering. Released in 2021 this is a brutal and sick album played at an intensely quick pace. Simply put, if you’re not a fan of grind then this album isn’t going to change that even if it is pretty good. Unlike a lot of death-grind records, Nasty Surgeons does lean more towards the death metal sound with longer, more varied and more complex tracks. It’s a pretty satisfying listen if all you’re looking to do is lose your shit too uncompromising heaviness.

Track list:
1. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
2. A Night In The Morgue
3. Liston Knife
4. Intercraneal Bleeding
5. Biological Alert
6. Cotard Delusion
7. Macabre Ritual
8. Purulent Abscess Drainage
9. Stab By Stab
10. Trepanation (The Search Of Evil)
11. The Torso Murder
12. Massacre In The Opening Room
13. Genital Herpes

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