Myrkgand – Rituals and Wisdom

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More Hate Prod. presents ‘Rituals & Wisdom’ — the third full-length album by MYRKGAND, a project of Dmitry Luna Nóbrega, a multi-instrumentalist also known for his work with MALKUTH (black metal) and some other Brazilian bands. Besides Dmitry, who recorded the vocals and all instruments, the album traditionally features many famous guest musicians: AntiChristian Håpens (ex-TSJUDER, GOTHMINISTER), Bjørn ‘Narrenschiff’ Holter (ex-ILLNATH, BOLVERK), Barry Leitch (the soundtrack composer of such games like TOP GEAR and DOUBLE DRAGON), André Fabian (STEEL WARRIOR), André Hernandes (ANDRE MATOS, ex-ANGRA), Warhead (ABAZAGORATH, BLASPHEMATORY), Zhema Rodero (VULCANO), Gerlioz (live keyboard player of DIMMU BORGIR, ex-GOD SEED, ex-THE COVENANT), Pagan Priestess (HECATE) and Danilo Coimbra (MALEFACTOR, HEADHUNTER D.C.). The music composed by Dmitry is the same melodic death/folk metal known from the previous two albums. The lyrics and the concept are based on mythology, fantasy, legends, witchcraft, magic and esoterics. Album artwork by Norngest known for his work with ENTHRONED. Mixing and mastering by Øystein Garnes Burn (the guitarist of BORKNAGAR). The nine-tracks album is released in a CD format with a 12-page booklet.

Release date: 25.05.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: melodic death metal / folk metal