Myriad Lights – Lambda

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1.Lʌmbdλ 01:15
2.Take a Look from the Lock 03:57
3.Desire of the Doomed 03:41
4.Healing 05:03
5.Endless Search 04:41
6.Fall of Mankind 04:52
7.Choices 04:08
8.Afterthoughts 05:06

year of release: 2023
genre: heavy metal
country: Italy

team composition:
Daniele Scavoni – vocals
Francesco Lombardo – guitar
Federico Dioni – bass guitar
Edoardo Pollastri – drums

It took a while for MYRIAD LIGHTS to record and release their third album in November 2023 via Punishment 18 Records. Francesco Lombardo assembled a completely new line-up, with the final absence of drummer Daniele Ferru. Apart from Daniele Scavoni (2013-2016 in SPELLBLAST), these musicians are still unknown.

Mostly it’s melodic heavy metal. Simple, clear, uncomplicated in terms of arrangement, not demanding too much from the rhythm section, based on the leader’s as usual committed but also calm playing. Francesco Lombardo has prepared a short album of catchy heavy metal with a rock nod and supported by Hester Digilio’s keyboards dosed in reasonable amounts. Medium tempos, hits, very nice Take a Look from the Lock and Healing, where this melody, especially the chorus, touches the heart… You have to sing everything at the highest level, because here the vocals are definitely advanced, they lead the whole thing, and the guitar usually gives way give him modest priority. It would seem that Daniele Scavoni, who devastated the SPELLBLAST album “Nineteen” in 2014, would cope with all this without any problems. Meanwhile, however, not entirely. Well, it’s not in good shape, the slightly higher parts sound desperate at times, the rock feeling and zest has disappeared and it just sounds amateurish. You can hear that he’s trying, but it doesn’t give the expected effect. At times it’s even desperate, as in the generally so-so, rather mawkish Choices. In those compositions where the melody is less attractive, such as Desire of the Doomed, Endless Search is just average, unoriginal heavy metal. There is also power metal in the dynamic attacks in Fall of Mankind, but when it comes to the more heroic and slightly gentler parts, Daniele Scavoni fails and the keyboardist’s efforts to build a solemn atmosphere are in vain. At best, it’s a good song, and only in terms of its arrangement and instrumentals. The singer rehabilitates a bit in the dignified, excellent Afterthoughts with an acoustic introduction and Francesco Lombardo’s guitar parts flying towards the sky. It is somewhat reminiscent of ETRUSGRAVE’s style, and some broader associations with the band’s music appear almost all the time.
The sound is surprisingly raw, with rather cold and dry guitar and loud drums.

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