Murder Worship – Misleaders of Humanity

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Murder Worship is a Brutal Death Metal band from Bogotá (Colombia) created at the end of 2009 by Estiven Peña (Guitar and voice) and Wilson Perdomo (Guitar). The band is always characterized by its fast and density guitars accompanied with a strong drum and supplemented by a guttural voice, giving the band sound. The topics that the band speaks in its lyrics are: mitology, luciferian gnosis, chaos, cosmology, anti christianity. In late 2010 Murder Worship recorded its demo entitled “Human Organs” which had three tracks of the band and one cover. In 2012 Murder Worship started to record is first EP entitled “Macabre and sick acts” which had 7 tracks from the band and was available for sale in the middle of the year 2013. In this moment the band is making all related with its Promo 2015 “Misleaders of Humanity” which will be able under label SWALLOW VOMIT PRODUCTIONS!!

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