Moss – Carmilla Marcilla / Soectral Visions (Digi Sleeve)

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Moss haven’t as much as changed their sound through the years as much they’ve metamorphosed, and this record and their previous full-length, Horrible Night, are a distillation of the classic doom metal these guys clearly know the score about. The necrotic, abyssic guitar tone and thundering drums which characterised their early, droning funeral doom are still there, but at a more half-speed Sabbath pace than 16 rpm Sabbath pace.

There’s a claustrophobic, cloying atmosphere that in my opinion Moss do better than any other doom band around, but the two tunes here are proper head-bangers. Might be wrong but I hear tinges of the first PENANCE demo (which I consider to be one of the best doom demos ever by the way!) in here.

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