Moongates Guardian – The Last Ship

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An outright fabulous gift to all fans of epic atmosphere! More Hate presents the new full-length album of MOONGATES GUARDIAN (Kaliningrad, Russia)! The duo moves along the previously trodden path, confidently leaving behind all obstacles on its thorny way, staying true to itself and to the sagas of a well-known Professor. This album continues and logically develops musical ideas of its predecessor “Leave the Northern Mountains”. Leisurely atmospheric narration murmuring like a brook on a hot summer day now and then suddenly turns into a furious black metal squall that brings grim cold and pitch darkness of the deepest caves devoid of sunlight. Orchestral passages and choirs are torn apart with evil screams resembling the howling of Nazgûls and stentorious growling of awoken cave trolls. To be short, this album will meet all expectations of MOONGATES GUARDIAN fans!

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