Moongates Guardian – The Eagle’s Song

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The fourth full-length album by the tolkienists from Kaliningrad is obviously dedicated to the Middle-earth! The album will please listeners with ten powerful mid-tempo epic tracks. This time the black metal constituent has been significantly reduced in favor of a more folky and atmospheric sound, while the material itself has become even more bombastic. The emphasis is laid on kaleidoscopic symphonic passages, gentle medieval sketches, intentionally soundtrack-sounding moments and unexpected furious war metal hymns! The only thing related to black metal is a signature rough screaming produced by Alexey – the vocalist of HOLDAAR! However, despite any musical changes presented on this album, MOONGATES GUARDIAN has preserved its identity and recognizability!!! As tradition demands, the album includes a masterfully performed song “South Away” originally recorded by the maestros of all Middle-earth – legendary SUMMONING. The band uses J.R.R. Tolkien poems in the source language as lyrics.

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