Moongates Guardian – Cold Waters of Anduin

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On New Years Eve MOONGATES GUARDIAN traditionally present their new (this time –the eighth) album titled “The Cold Waters of Anduin” to all fans of the band. Decisively stepping the well-worn path MOONGATES GUARDIAN have already released 8 albums in 6 years and became one of the leading atmospheric black metal bands in Russia. Following the established theme, style and sound this duo from Kaliningrad releases its new opus dedicated to the magical world of the Middle-earth. The increased share of folk elements perfectly attenuates and complements to atmospheric black metal. The band sacrificed characteristic symphonic overtures and significant share of pathetic elements in favor of more melodic and even sensual sound. This approach contributed to lyricism and catchiness (songs “Areys Sword” and “To Rivendell!”). Of course, the CD includes all elements characteristic of MOONGATES GUARDIAN: epic songs, she-elf backing vocals along with raw deep-chested screams of the vocalist and a traditional cover version. This time the band reinvented “Lady In Black” by URIAH HEEP. Soaked with Tolkiens atmosphere this song perfectly fits the album.

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