Moongates Guardian – Broken Sword

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“Broken Sword” is not a next full-length album by the band from Kaliningrad. It’s a compilation consisting of three EPs recorded over the years: ‘Wanderers In The Shadowed Land’ (2015), ‘Scarborough Fair’ (2021), and ‘Broken Sword’ (2021) itself. The release includes both epic black metal characteristic of MOONGATES GUARDIAN and dark ambient/dungeon synth experiments of the band. The lyrics are in Russian and English.

Released August 22, 2022

The album includes two cover versions of the songs originally performed by AC/DC and NOKTURNAL MORTUM. Most of the songs on this album have never been released on CD before and have been available in a digital format only. Thus, this release is a must-have for those collecting the discography of the band on physical media.

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