Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay – “Devolution”

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Brand new United Guttural Release. The Most Extreme Gore Grinding Death Metal you could want!!!!! Ultra-Guttural Vocal assault – Insane Blasting and Saw to the Gut Guitar assault!!! Devolution is composed of 14 newly recorded tracks that clock in at over 35 minutes. MINCING FURY… have reformed with their strongest lineup yet. Their unique brand of grind encompasses technicality, brutality, progressiveness and bizarreness all delivered with precision and is amazingly memorable. Downtuned and supper heavy guitars, dual vocals ranging from deep guttural belches to brain piercing screams, ball crushing bass with blasting / fusion percussion make for amazing listen. Devolution is a concept album that captures the essence of the band’s progression since it’s inception. There are five new tracks followed by rerecordings of selected songs from each previous release, plus a bonus cover song.

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