Mental Phlegm / Disgest – Demo CD

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Release date : 9th September 2022

Both Grind / Death From Germany. Their Limited 100 Demo in 2020/2021 on 1 CD.
For all Old School Death / Grind Maniacs and of corpse NAPALM DEATH fans!!

1. Now It’s Getting Serious (Intro)
2. Coughed Up in a Ball of Slime
3. Growing in the Abdomen
4. Weaving a Shroud
5. Flashback
6. Exploding Cadaver
7. Move Towards the Light
8. Get Inside a Brain
9. Words from the Drain
10. Rain of Spores

11. Die with a Tube in the Head
12. Digest!
13. Swollen, Rotten Perception
14. Infested with Greed

Both demos were mixed and mastered by Maggesson from Revel in Flesh

Two bands from Germany who debuted on 100 limited cassette tapes and CDs from Germany’s Unholy Prophecies.
MENTAL PHLEGM is a high tension old school grindcore that feels the influence of NAPALM DEATH and TERRORIZER. In particular, the roar of the vocals is reminiscent of Mike “Bernie”!!
DIGEST! is a Krusty death metal project by Tommi, the vocalist of MENTAL PHLEGM. The riff is influenced by crust, but the strange catchiness and vocal entanglement are reminiscent of Finnish grind rock such as LUBRICANT, CONVULSE, and PAKENI.
Both bands are perfection that can not be thought of as a demo. The two demo sound sources are coupled into one CD and reissued from Obliteration Records.

Released August 2, 2022

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