Mass Killings / Open Flesh Wound – Double Homicide Split

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A slamming death monster of a split, featuring Mass Killings – the new old school brutal slamming death metal project from Tom Hughes (Blood Rage / Crypt Rot / Flax) with vocals from Chris Mathis (A Pretext To Human Suffering / Defleshed And Gutted) and Open Flesh Wound – slamming brutal death metal from Pennsylvania.

Featuring the following tracks:

Mass Killings – Bodies In The Basement
Mass Killings – The Joyous Sounds Of Cracking Skulls On Concrete Blocks
Mass Killings – Forensic Disposal
Open Flesh Wound – Esophagus Fleshlight
Open Flesh Wound – The Scent Of The Decayed
Open Flesh Wound – Fuck I Forgot To Buy Lye
Open Flesh Wound – Entrail Smorgasbord

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