Majestat – The Side Of The Damned (Digi Pak)

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More Hate Prod. presents new release: a compilation CD by the Moscow black metal band featuring members of such prominent bands like TODESTRIBE, BES, TEMPLE OF NIHIL and WARDA. The compilation consists of “Storona Okayannih” (The Side of the Damned) EP (2023), and the songs from the limited-edition cassette demo released in 2020 in Germany. MAJESTAT play evil unholy black metal with lyrics about death: from battle steel and forest beasts to other evil creatures from Slavonic mythology. The music is permeated with dark medieval atmosphere, tough and raw, yet rather melodic. CD artwork by Rotten Fantom. The first 100 copies are released in a matt-finished digi-pack format with an 8-page booklet inside.

Release date: 26.05.2023 | Format: (Digi CD) | Genre: Black metal

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