Leprosy – Onboxious Futuristic Vision

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The province of Quebec have its fair share of tremendous death purveyors within its boiling underground scene where names like CRUEL FATE, TORTURER and SPIRIT OF REBELLION are regarded as some of the new pillars of our local scene. Now you can, and you must, add LEPROSY as a name to out look for and a band that will make a tsunami of noise in the global underground … these guys have the chops to become, themselves, leaders of the scene like Gorguts and Purulence were leading the battle in the early 1990s.

But this is 2020, soon 2021 … we’ve heard it all. So what makes this band so special? There is no gimmicks nor non-music related celebrity in the quartet, the 4 guys, these new flag barer, are excellent musicians writing memorable music without trying to over brutalized their neighbors or bore us to death with over technical non-sense for the sake of showing off … they play Death Metal. But they do it Extremely well … in fact, they are fucking acing it!

Imagine if we could just melt your latest re-issues of “Human” and “Spiritual Healing” together as one and ask the guys in PESTILENCE to play the end result with the improbable bastard son of John Tardy and Evil Chuck as standing vocalist .. . May sound funny on paper but on disc its upright fucking … more

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