Krotchripper – Trolls vs Lizards

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FINALLY, a band new album of Brutal Blasting Death Metal!!! Krotchripper returns for their final album release – Trolls Vs. Lizards! Featuring blistering drum machine blasts, sick transitions, hyper grooves, and uniquely brutal vocals, the band has stayed true to their genre of “troll grind.” The album has been in the works for 4 years and is finally here. It represents a true coming to age story in the underground. Listening to the very first split with Mass Murder Messiah, to this album, 13 years later, you can hear the progression and maturity of the band as it grew and developed, never changing for trends, but always paying homage to the masters of the genres in a riff here and there. The album is just over 30 minutes long and tells the story of a lizard spaceship that comes to Earth, the trolls stowaway on the spaceship, and a story only told through music prevails. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Troll Trax Studios. The art is done by Brad Moore.

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