Kalmah – Kalmah (China Tour Special Edition)

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[Music style] Melodic death metal
[Release date] December 31, 2023

As a representative melodic death metal band in the world, Kalmah presents a heavyweight sound in the music category of melody death with its new ninth album of the same name. The iconic melody continues the sound from the deep veins of Finnish metal music. The strong dark atmosphere and the oppressive appeal reflect Kalmah’s most sincere expression in the steel-like and colorful heavy music. With the five-stop China tour that comes with this album, the swamp metal symphony will bring an exciting and shocking baptism to Chinese metal fans with its unique northern polar cold melody aesthetics. In addition to the original CD cover, this special version of the CD also comes with a specially designed record cover and China tour poster for Chinese fans. In addition, a song “Silent Sorrow” exclusive to this version of the CD is included to coincide with the release of the new album’s China tour, and is limited to 300 copies. The special commemorative significance of this album CD will definitely be included in the collection of Kalmah fans.

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