In Slumber – While We Sleep

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It took thirteen years, but now it’s finally here – the new album of IN SLUMBER!

In their usual old manner, the Upper Austrian band, fronted by Wolfgang Rothbauer (PURGATORY, THIRDMOON), continue with their direct melodic death metal style on their fourth full-length “While We Sleep”.
If you know IN SLUMBER, you what to expect: absolutely authentic Death Metal, peppered with ingenious melodies and an aggression that doesn’t seem artificial in any way. The band offers everything from blast beats to slowly driving and pushing songs. They don’t follow any trends and skillfully show that you don’t really need them for a goo album. No, everything here is well thought out, every single keyboard entry, every harmony, every rhythm and mood change… everything flows together wonderfully and unites with an interesting lyrical concept. If you like DARK TRANQUILITY, old IN FLAMES and EUCHARIST you can’t ignore IN SLUMBER!

“While We Sleep” was recorded, mixed and mastered at DDP Studio Braunau by Lukas Haidinger. The cover was painted by Gerald Moira in 1893 and is entitled “The Silent Voice”.

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