Human Decline – Self Titled (Digi Pak)

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Once called “the bastard child of Hatebreed and Meshuggah “, Human Decline is the perfect blend of technicality and aggressiveness, melding the best elements of New York hardcore with the precision of European metal.With pinpoint guitar riffs, machine gun drumming , punishing breaks, haunting atmospherics and thought provoking lyrics, Human Decline is unrelenting! The first five tracks on the album were actually written over ten years ago and self released by the band on the album “Remedy For The Living”. Now remixed and remastered , they are accompanied by the brutal new track “The Forgotten” and featuring new art work by world renown blood artist Vincent Castigilia. Ahead of its time then and now, its release via Lost Apparition Records finally opens the door for Human Decline to once again unleash it’s musical assault on the masses.

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