Houkago Grind Time – The Second Raid

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(ORCD 185) HOUKAGO GRIND TIME / The Second Raid (CD)
Release Date : 4th Nov 2022 (In store in Japan : 25th Nov)

This second season of HOUKAGO GRIND TIME takes the prototypical approach of a television series reattempting to mature by bringing in darker and edgier elements, so as to be taken utmosteriously by the listener. Concordantly, the lyrical content of each decomposition has been irrevocably altered in the pursuition of greater artistic pinnacalities. The eventuality of my sincerest efforts have uplifted the vocal ejaculations from banal caveman contemplatantions on the unmundane vagaries of human existence to impertinent examinations of the Hobbesian ideal of what lies beyond and that hereditamentality of which is to come… or in simpler words, the power of anime compels you.

Thanks to everyone who is prevaricated to floccinaucinihilipilificate us

1. It’s Time to M-M-M-Mince
2. Isayama Is A Fascist Pig
3. Rum Raisin Daisuki
4. Moe: Again?
5. Stench of Unwashed Con-goers
6. You Are My Nakama (Bonds Stronger than Friendship)
7. It’s a Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Anime!
8. Moe Moe Kyun
9. People Die When They Are Killed
10. Power Of Anime
11. Pathetic?
12. Mincing Cabbages
13. Hey Astolfo (“Trap” Is A Slur)
14. Glomping is Violence (Clean the Cons)
15. Let’s Keijo!!!!!!!!
16. Houkago Grind Time Cares

Andrew – everything
Tapo (First Days of Humanity) – vocals (track 5)
R. Mason (Enemy Soil, Reeking Cross) – vocals (track 7)
Larry Wang (Coprocephalic, Gorepot, Fatuous Rump) – vocals (track 9)
Pharmacist (Pharmacist) – vocals (track 12)
Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound, Goatburner) – guitar solo (track 15)
Dan Ryckman (Archagathus) – vocals (track 16)

Members of RIPPED TO SHREDS, a death metal band that released their third album from Relapse Records in 2022. Anime Otaku Gore Grind, Houkago Grindtime by Andrew Lee.
This second season seems to be a work that brings in dark and edgy elements with a typical TV series approach to capture the listeners of the first season as much as possible, but it is incomprehensible. However, even if you don’t understand the elements of the original anime or what’s going on in Andrew’s brain, the sound is gritty gore grind, so it’s no problem at all. According to Andrew, “The power of anime drives you.”
Guests include Keijo from ROTTEN SOUNDS, Larry from GOREPOT, and Tapo from FIRST DAYS OF HUMANITY.
Recommended not only for fans of JIG-AI, GO-ZEN, REGURGITATE, DEAD INFECTION, but also for grindcore and brutal death fans!!