Horrorizer – Impatenaris

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Moral deformity has reached its pinnacle. No matter how proud people are of their progress, they still remain the same barbarians they were in their early days. Obscurantism and doctrinal beliefs spread discord among the sane, breeding hatred even in the purest souls, while policy showers us with tonnes of informational rubbish aimed to make us nothing but submissive puppets. This is the message behind “Impatenaris” – the new album by HORRORIZER! In the same way as before the band plays rather gloomy and thick old-school death metal with surprisingly melodic guitar solos. However, as compared to the debut, the album has more intricate song structures and Russian lyrics only. “Everyone will be able to wake up and break the tether or, at least, have a look on life from a different perspective elucidates the band.

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