Hladomrak – Inner Death

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You are Nothing! The course of life itself expedites Inner Death – a total indifference, apathy and stupefaction. Feel the shreds of your freezing soul merge with the darkest caverns of the human mind that burn personality from within. “Inner Death” is the title of the new EP of the Swedish black metal band, born in November 2018 and released on CD early in 2021. Although the album was recorded two years ago, it has lost none of its relevance. The sound of thoughts tossing in agony, soul-tearing guitar riffs consisting of pure fury, bass attack and thunderous drums unleashes on listeners from the very beginning. The album can be recommended to the fans of the second wave of black metal. Generally mid-tempo music is filled with the familiar atmosphere of dark and cold woods of the North. Apparently endless, the polar night becomes day. A true cosmic sorcery! However the human destiny is inevitable… Birth, Life and certain Death! We remain eternally chained inside this vicious circle. The Inner Death. The Certain Death!

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