Harmony Dies – Indecent Paths Of A Ramifying Darkness (Cassette)

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HARMONY DIES the underground cult death metal band from Berlin celebrate their Death Metal sickness since 1992. The last sign of life there was in 2003 with the 3rd Album ”Impact” which was still published on the legendary german label Morbid Records. The band’s line-up changed several times & after a long break they joined together in 2012 to spark some more brutal Death Metal stuff. Now after almost never-ending 13 long years, we are proudly present here the new album ”Indecent Paths Of A Ramifying Darkness” included 6 brandnew tracks! We cry it loud-the time of waiting it´s finally over & album No. 4 is ready to win the next Death Metal Battle. For this amazing new recordings, the 5 Berlin Death Metal Maniacs have decided to respond for a close collaboration with the also in eastern-germany domiciled Label-Defying Danger Records

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