Gravavgrav – Death Said… Demo 2

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(ORCD 173) GRAVAVGRAV / Death Said… demo 2 (CD)
Release date : 5th Nov 2021

GRAVAVGRAV formed in Jan 2021
Featuring member of CSSO / BUTCHER ABC, FINAL EXIT / MORTIFY and KANDARIVAS. All artwork and logo designed by Swedish Artist, Ragnar Persson.

1. Death Said to Life
2. Slowly, We Are Rotting (Stench version)
3. Black Sabbath (cover / 6min 66sec version)
4. 死が生にいう

Slowly, We Are Rotting : Music and Lyric by Nal
Recorded at Studio Gateway, Machida Sep 2021
Engineering / Mixing / Mastering by extremynegativeminds

NAL (Vocal / Guitar / Poem)
RYO (Drums)
TOM (Guitar)
RAG (Art)

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