Gorelust – We Are the Undead

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The amazing long overdue new GORELUST album! Classic, Pure, Genuine DEATH METAL straight out of the 1990’s… 20 years in the making! Can’t get any better than this if you are still addicted to the good old classic DEATH METAL sound of the mid 1990’s. This brand new recording is including 5 songs that were written almost 20 years ago to be included on the then imminent follow up to REIGN OF LUNACY… 3 new songs were written in 2014 and you would think the band actually never disbanded! In 2014 GORELUST is STILL writing classic Death Metal, is still churning out is own brand, sound and style… Musically the band doesn’t sound like anybody else but if you’re (still) into old GORGUTS, MONSTROSITY, BRUTALITY or SUFFOCATION, you should investigate this one further!

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