Front Beast – Third Scourge From Darkness

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Third Scourge From Darkness. Since the late ’90s, this German entity has been lurking in the darkest corners of the black metal underground and accrued a cult status to kill for. Helmed by mainman Avenger – whose resume includes a dozen other bands/projects, including THE FOG, whose Perpetual Blackness IRON BONEHEAD released on vinyl LP last year – FRONT BEAST have stayed committed to a pure ‘n’ proud vision, honoring the ancient ways with a prolific stream of demos and split releases.

Now, FRONT BEAST are prepared to literally scourge from the darkness with their aptly titled third album, Third Scourge From Darkness. In many ways, this third strike is a perfect summation of the FRONT BEAST aesthetic these past 18 years: damp dungeon atmosphere, crude-yet-commanding execution, thirsty ‘n’ miserable vocals, an aura of hideousness and unhealth, and an unselfconscious obeisance of time-honored heavy metal values. It is trend-free black metal of an ancient, mystical hue, highlighted by production that finds that elusive balance between rawness and righteousness, clarity and caustic rot. Feel the flames of Hell and face the Third Scourge From Darkness!

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