Fractal Generator – Macrocosmos

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Canada’s Fractal Generator return with their 2nd full length “Macrocosmos”, their darkest and most ambitious work, crushing sci-fi infused Death Metal produced by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio (Hideous Divinity, Hour of Penance, Decrepit Birth).

“Macrocosmos tells the story of future humans travelling a distant solar system who discover evidence that the universe is a simulation. The word Macrocosmos refers to the existence of larger “universes” that encompass our tiny known universe. This album took about 5 years in total to complete, and we’re extremely proud of the final result. It’s by far a big step up for us in terms of production, and the songs are all just as carefully crafted as they were on our first album “Apotheosynthesis”. We hope you will enjoy listening as much as we do!”

Fractal Generator is 040118180514 (Bass, Vocals), 040114090512 (Drums) & 102119200914 (Guitar, Vocals). The band formed sometime in 2007 as a death metal outlet for a few of the members of Wolven Ancestry. A demo entitled “The Cannibalism of Objects” was released in 2008. The project lay dormant until 2013, when the current incarnation of Fractal Generator was conceived by 040118180514 and 102119200914. The band wanted to create a type of dark and atmospheric death metal sound that hadn’t been heard before, with lyrics inspired by various science and science fiction ideas. The whole concept lead to “Apotheosynthesis” which was initially released as a digital album and later reissued by Everlasting Spew Records on CD. “Macrocosmos” brings the band a step higher showing a tighter, more focused and aggressive output.

For fans of Zyklon, Aeon, Morbid Angel, early Decapitated

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