Putrid Stu / Fluids – Taking Care of Business is Our Business​.​.​. and Business is Good (Cassette + Woven Patch)

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Exclusive to Gurgling Gore, the cassette version of this disgusting split features 14 minutes of anal blasting, brutal goregrind on the Putrid Stu side and absolutely monstrous brutal death on the Fluids side. Both bands put forth some of their best and most ignorant material to date.

Putrid Stu kicks off side one with 7 minutes of blistering fast, groovy-as-fuck goregrind ala Last Days of Humanity meets Regurgitate. Unlike some other bands in this seedy scene, this solo project from Sanguisugabogg drummer Cody Davidson is as brutal as it is downright fun.

Fluids closes out the split on side two, giving us 6 tracks (7 minutes) of their signature sound that we have come to know and love. The songs are chock-full of all the goodies: trap hi-hat patterns, brutal death blasts, slamming grooves, beefy gutturals, and samples galore. More than just run-of-the-mill Mortician worship, Fluids have concocted a sound that is absolutely all their own.

Also available with this release is an exclusive “BIG DUMB HEAD” woven patch, featuring the mutilated face of Journey-drummer Steve Smith. Limited as fuck

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