Exocrine – Unreal Existence (Digi Pak)

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Exocrine was formed in Bordeaux (France) during 2013 by Sylvain O.P. They evolved in modern and technical metal styles, mixing influence without losing sight of the true essence of their music. Their first album “Unreal existence” combines groove patterns, technical riffs with melodic leads. Alternating between brutal groovy riff with heavy growls and shining parts, Unreal Existence is in full war with weapons as brutal death, jazz and progressive…Furrowing cleverly between the giants of the genre like NECROPHAGIST, OBSCURA,PESTILENCE,BEYOND CREATION, RIVERS OF NIHIL & CYNIC, this album is a compedium of astonishment and assured voyage in paradoxal world thanks to the skillful composition. Althrough this is their first album, they lead the ship with modernism and maturity. With their ten tracks of pure prog tech death, Exocrine is determined to go on tour and set the stage on fire !!!!

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