Execration – Syndicate of Lethargy

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Released in 2008 through VENDLUS Records, this diamond in the rough will finally see the light of day once again via Québec-based Metal label PRC MUSIC. The band offers a somewhat chaotic, mildly technical approach that would’ve been right at home in the late 90’s had it come from some other country. The band sort of has three approaches to riffing: fast, twisted thrashing (here’s where the Morbid Angel is felt most strongly), those wonderfully monstrous Immolation-y dissonant guitar howls and Iniquitish squeals, and bone-crunching stomps. While stormy and chaotic, when the band really locks into a pattern for an extended period they tend to do so around a riff that’s nothing less than tasty, and these higher quality bits are often clearly earmarked by the band as their better stuff, warranting welcome repeats (check the spastic tremolo lacerations in “Kuroi Kiri”). The drums are right on the nose, with slow but colorful bashing during the crushing breakdowns, rolling thunder double bass and riotous blasting with plenty of well-penned shifts from one movement to the next. The use of cymbals to accent guitar fills is really something to behold. Indeed, all of the instrumentation on the album is of an extremely high caliber and even when the riffs are noodling off or otherwise failing to hold your attention, the drum performance is there to… more
released September 15, 2018

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