Ethie Anduin – Loneliness of My Life

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ETHIR ANDUIN – a project from Russia (Tikhvin), founded in 2006. At the beginning of the way, the main genre was funeral doom – slow, dark, atmospheric and heavy. Like at your funeral. Lying in a closed coffin. You hear and feel everything. But you can not do anything about it. Further, this thing has evolved and developed into a blackned doom and atmospheric doom. With deep symphonic component. The harmony and melody of the keyboards, like a cold, unfeeling star in the black autumn sky, was the only beacon in the omnipresent darkness and chaos. And this path was very long and painful. Then the music turned into a different course, frozen and lifeless. Dry and prickly. Dried and decayed. But all this has a meaning. That message that lurks in him. That is deep and incomprehensible. Experience. Like the thoughts of a prisoner who was tortured and kept in captivity for thousands of years. And he finally freed. Without betraying himself or his principles. In proud loneliness. CD is desirable for listening to fans of Black Sun Aeon, Yearning, Totalselfhatred, Burzum, Shape Of Despair, Forgotten Tomb, KYPCK and Swallow The Sun. Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design.

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