Eternium – Repelling A Solar Giant

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Hailing from St. Louis Eternium was initially the solo project of Markov Soroka, the one man project eventually became a full band in August 2012. The band took to the studio in winter 2012 to record their first full-length album ‘Repelling A Solar Giant’ is a concept album of Symphonic Black Metal.

“Enter Aura Titian, God of positive life, a noble and devoted worshiper of the Sun. After a brief passage of being and creating new-born life with his love, God of negative life Aura Amethyst. The Solar God has destroyed her from these grounds, leaving a permanent scar of obsidian on his eyelids. Titian cannot believe his eyes. He grows insane and denounces his deity, conjuring up inane and ballistic rituals to try to revive his lost love… What follows is up to the listener to find out. Our goal in this album is to give you the best atmospheric environment suited for this tale of betrayal, love, and utmost chaotic destruction, so you can visualize this story in front of you.” comments guitarist and vocalist Markov Soroka.

Eternium is an intense performance rendering the haunted anthems of Symphonic
Black Metal as well as the crushing force of Swedish Death Metal. This is a must
for fans of Dissection, Amon Amarth and Emperor

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