Egrogsid – Sawn Off Throat Gund (2 CD Set)

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Disgorge also know in reverse text Egrogsid was basically split into two eras, the Hobart period from 1990-1994 and the Melbourne line up from 1995-1998. The original Hobart (Tasmania) line up played locally in Hobart and recorded a demo called “Give the Sick More Say”. This line up consisted of Aaron Chesterton (high pitched vocals), Nick Hopwood (deep vocals), Erik Simonsen (guitar) Andrew Mckenzie (bass) and Chris Valentine (drums). David Bird also played bass during this time for a year. The band moved to Melbourne in 1993 however Nick Hopwood stayed in Hobart and during this time Eugene Spurr took over the low vocals and Andrew Mckenzie was back playing bass and they played several gigs in Melbourne with this line up. The band went on hiatus for several months until the start of 1995 when Ash Shaw (bass) Den Freedman (drums) joined Eugene Spurr (vocals) and only original member Erik Simonsen (guitar), this would be the unchanged line up until their final gig with Blood Duster in February 1998. During this time Egrogsid shared a rehearsal space, recording studio and record label called Violent Swing with fellow Melbourne band Warsore. Most of Warsore’s recordings and all of Egrogsid’s (other than the first demo) were recorded here. During this time Egrogsid played regularly in Melbourne as well as touring Adelaide and supported international artists such as Dropdead and Gore Beyond Necropsy.

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