Educated Scum – Corrupt

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The third (and second full-length) release “Corrupt” by Educated Scum is an alloy of classical death metal in the spirit of Napalm Death and Carcass with modern groove influences in the spirit of Decapitated and even Lamb Of God! Speedy blastbeats performed by session drummer Dmitry Fiskin are perfectly combined with technically swinging riffs and beautiful solos performed by famous guests: Konstantin Konstantin Seleznev (ex-Trizna, ex- Faktor Strakha), one of the main virtuoso of the country Oleg Izotov and both guitarists of the cult thrash metal formation “Zshelezniy Potok” Alexey Karpov and Vladimir Blesnov! And one track is sung by Kirill Nemolyaev (Forces United, BONI Nem), a cult figure of the stage… Compact, carbon monoxide songs, dotted with a bunch of samples of famous Russian politicians and even actors, demonstrate a new round of development of the band, which should please not only the fans of grindcore, but also qualitative death metal in the broad sense with a powerful, modern sound!

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