Ectoplasm – Land of Thieves

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“Land Of Thieves” by Ectoplasm (2 members based in Taiwan and 1 member in America) is an album primarily based in an alternate timeline in American history. Making an honest effort to represent First Nation voices and give an empowering and interesting lore to the culture. Melting together the best parts of Death Metal, Deathcore and Slam, Ectoplasm bring a slightly unique approach to the arrangements you’re used to hearing. Blistering epic technical melodies and guitar work that collide with brutal slamming riffs along with heavy, impactful drumming with breakdowns that never stick around too long. Vocals are so varied in range you’ll question just how many vocalists they’re actually are on one given track.Packing one hell of a vengeful punch, Ectoplasm has a song for everyone. Rageful slamming callouts, blast beats, tremolos and goblin screams and yells. Buckle up. You’re in for a ride.

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