Eclipse Eternal – The Essence of Hopelessness

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Canada’s epic black metal hordes return to guide the wolves by fire and iron through the masses of weakling Christian sheep. This is the 3rd full length from Eclipse Eternal, who dabble in the necromancy and Nietzsche of the human ego. Musically they exist on the heavier spectrum of ‘symphonic’ black metal. Atmospheric keyboards are used quite heavily but only to augment the barbaric rhythms and snarls. The result is quite powerful. No Cradle of Filth shit here! Incredible vocals take the center stage. Voldamares has a unique and intense vocal range, that varies from demonic low spoken words to a shrill but powerful shriek. The riffs are icy and memorable and the blastbeats are devastating. Fear not, the blasting is not constant, ala Marduk, but is employed effectively. Overall, a unique black metal sound that’s hard to compare to an existing act.

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