Dr. Faust – The Ideal World

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newest album by DR. FAUST – a death/grind metal band from Sochi. Formed back in 1988, DR. FAUST are, definitely, the patriarchs of the Russian metal scene. Troubles and hardships faced by the band on its creative path would be enough for a dozen of bands. However DR. FAUST are still alive and active! The new CD presents 18 pieces of brutal death/grind at its best with high-quality thick sound. The material is not lacking in melodies and eclecticism – unexpected rock’n’roll solos have become a trademark of the band. The appearance of saxophone performed by Dmitry Sivko in a couple of tracks is definitely worth mentioning as well. Album lyrics are dedicated to the current social issues. This is the first release of the band with David Zhelezny – their new vocalist known for his work with another grind gang DEAD POINT.

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