Doomstone – Those Whom Satan Hath Joined

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DOOMSTONE, KING FOWLEY’s (DECEASED, OCTOBER 31) Black metal project! Pure Satanic evil and pure, Cult old School 80’s style true classic METAL with modern black and death metal flare. Fans of Venom, Possessed, Mercyful Fate, and The Obsessed will be all over this release! HAIL TRUE METAL!!!

Once again the infamous King Fowley Deceased/October 31) teams up with Lost Apparitions records to bring you both of the long out of print classic CD Re-issues of Arlington, Virginia’s very own Black/Doom/Heavy Metal monsters DOOMSTONE. Featuring their 94 release “Those Whom Satan Hath Joined” and the 2000 release “Satanavoid”.These cult classics are mandatory for any and all old school fan of extreme music,one of many killer bands from the late 80’s early 90’s NOVA Death metal scene.

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